What is Function of Economizer Boiler..?

What is the function of economizer and its usefulness in the boiler.?

An Economizer is a mechanical devices to reduce energy consumption to incrises efficiency of preheater fluid inlet boiler. A economizer actually is a heat exchanger that makes a system more energy efficient using heat energy taking enthalpy in fluids streams that are hot, but not enough to be used in a boiler.  Hence recovering is more useful enthalpy and to improving the steam boiler’s efficiency.


After energy havebeen used for boiling up fluid in the system, flue gas comes out from the system. The heat energy from remains in the flue gas when it goes out If we cannot utilize this heat energy will out to environtment. Boiler economizer is a device that uses a portion this remained energy of the flue gas to heat up inlet water (feed water) to the boiler. Since the heat energy is given to the water before it gets fed to the boiler, the requirement of fuel for producing steam is optimized. Because of that, we call this device as an economizer. An economical unit reduces evaporation by forcing air into the room where the flame dies due its being trapped inside other matter and not leaving enough space within which the fire can burn if left alone. In essence, using less hot material means you use more dry weight area available. It also enables us eliminate moving parts so our pipes aren’t always at full capacity because most people don’T think about them! When heating any liquid or compressed object with electricity.

Construction and Working Principle of Boiler Economizer

Construction and basic principle of the boiler economizer is easy to actualize. At the bottom part, it has a horizontal inlet pipe through which we feed water with normal temperature to the economizer. There is another horizontal pipe fitted at the top of the economizer.

These two horizontal pipes, which is at the bottom and top pipes connected through a group of vertical pipes. There is an outlet valve fitted to the top horizontal pipe to supply hot water boiler. The flue gases from the boiler furnace flow through the vertical pipes of the economizer.

Here, the flue gases transfer remain heat to the water through the surface of the vertical pipe when the water goes up through the vertical pipes to top horizontal pipe. At this way heat of the flue gases gets utilized through the economizer to heating up the water before entering boiler to producing steam. The flue gas will have ash particles mixed with it which will get deposited on vertical pipe surfaces.

If special care is not taken there will be a thick layer of soot on the surfaces which insulate the heat to enter the water. To remove this soot or scale, this scraper is attached to each vertical pipe which continuously moves up and down by means of a chain pulley system. By scraping the soot fall down to the soot chamber placed at the bottom of the economizer. Then we collect the soot from the soot chamber. This is how a boiler economizer works. This is a very simple form of boiler economizer.

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