Power Generation

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Boiler Station

The fuel of the fiber, Part of the out from the furnace supply to the generator. The rest of the steam for equipment-running supply.
The equipment list of boiler house:
1.Steam Boiler
2.Back Pressur Vessel c/w Platform
3. Control System
4.&Shell Conveyor Structural Support
5.Fibre&Shell Conveyor
6.Excess Fuel Conveyor
7.Boiler Fuel Feeding Conveyor
8.Fuel Storage Moving Floor
9.Inclined Fuel Recycle Scraper Conveyor
10.Softener Booster Pump
12.Boiler Feed Water Tank
13.Deaerator Booster Pump
14.Thermal Deaerator c/w Platform
15.Thermal Deaerator Pump
16.Boiler Dosing System(Stirrer&Tank)

Power House Station

Generally speaking, palm oil factory commonly be set in the palm orchard far away from the city, Power supply capacity is low. So, power-supply should be consider independently, build a captive power plant to meet the electricity needs of the palm oil factory which mainly determined by the electricity-consumption of equipment and auxiliary equipment. In addition, equip another diesel generator for the first time start the plant and emergency use.
The equipment list of engine room:
1.Steam Turbine
2.Diesel Generator
3.Diesel Service Tank
4.Diesel Storage Tank c/w Diesel Pump
5.Steam Separator c/w Structure

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