Power Generation

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Power Generation

Boiler Station

The fuel of the boiler is fiber, Part of the steam out from the furnace supply to the turbine generator. The rest of the steam for equipment-running supply.
The equipment list of boiler house:
1.Steam Boiler
2.Back Pressur Vessel c/w Platform
3.Back Pressure Vessel Control System
4.Fibre&Shell Conveyor Structural Support
5.Fibre&Shell Conveyor
6.Excess Fuel Conveyor
7.Boiler Fuel Feeding Conveyor
8.Fuel Storage Moving Floor
9.Inclined Fuel Recycle Scraper Conveyor
10.Softener Booster Pump
12.Boiler Feed Water Tank
13.Deaerator Booster Pump
14.Thermal Deaerator c/w Platform
15.Thermal Deaerator Pump
16.Boiler Dosing System(Stirrer&Tank)

Power House Station

Generally speaking, palm oil factory commonly be set in the palm orchard far away from the city, Power supply capacity is low. So, power-supply should be consider independently, build a captive power plant to meet the electricity needs of the palm oil factory which mainly determined by the electricity-consumption of equipment and auxiliary equipment. In addition, equip another diesel generator for the first time start the plant and emergency use.
The equipment list of engine room:
1.Steam Turbine
2.Diesel Generator
3.Diesel Service Tank
4.Diesel Storage Tank c/w Diesel Pump
5.Steam Separator c/w Structure

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