Volvo patents XC90-like SUV, trademarks "EXC90"

Two new Volvo patent and trademark applications suggest top-line changes. The first was found by Motor1 at the EUIPO. Volvo wants to trademark "Volvo EXC90" for "electric land vehicles."

Volvo said the production version of 2021's Concept Recharge, seen as the XC90's replacement, will start with a vowel, like EXC90. Previous reports suggested the model will be named Embla, after Norse mythology's first woman.

The second image shows an upcoming Volvo SUV. It looks like the XC90 and was inspired by the 2021 Volvo Concept Recharge.

The sharply angled headlights and closed upper grille, where the Volvo badge is, suggest an electric powertrain. It has C-shaped taillights, unlike the XC90 or Concept Recharge.

Volvo declined to comment on future products when we asked. Volvo announced in February that it would continue making the XC90. After a visual update, the SUV that sparked the brand's revival will continue to be made in Sweden.

Why close the old one in Torslanda when hybrids are still popular in America and China? Hakan Samuelsson, Volvo's CEO, asked. We'll improve its appearance.

As Volvo works toward an all-electric future, it will eventually stop making the current XC90.

Volvo said the Concept Recharge would arrive "around 2022," so we should learn more soon.