Volkswagen will create a new division for electric and autonomous cars



"New Mobility" will handle current ID-badged vehicles and future EVs based on VW Group's new SSP scalable electric car architecture.

The spinoff will also manage VW's Trinity project, Automotive News Europe reports. The project is creating a new generation of electric cars, topped by a Level 4 autonomous sedan in 2026.

Level 4 allows hands-free driving in most situations, one step below Level 5, where "drivers" tell the car where to go.

Volkswagen's Trinity EV will offer Level 4 autonomy. Thomas Ulbrich, 56, Volkswagen's head of development, will lead the new department. Ulbrich reportedly won over Volkswagen execs after rescuing the ID.3 electric hatchback from software glitches.

Ulbrich's appointment will also land him a seat on Volkswagen's software unit, Cariad. He will improve links between Cariad and VW's development department, now led by Kai Gruenitz. 

Gruentiz had a similar role at Volkswagen's commercial vehicles division, where he oversaw the ID. Buzz electric minivan.

Cariad's past performance suggests Ulbrich may have a rough ride. The division is accused of blowing budgets and delaying Audi, Bentley, and Porsche launches due to unfinished software.