Volkswagen spends €460 million in Wolfsburg Plant

Volkswagen is upgrading its Wolfsburg main plant with 460 million euros till 2025. The investments will mostly prepare for the newly confirmed manufacture of the new ID.3 and a prospective ID.3 X compact SUV.

Wolfsburg will produce the tiny electric car from 2023. From 2024, the factory will begin full production with Zwickau parts. VW affirmed the ramp-up schedule, which will finish in 2025.

The MQB-based Golf and Tiguan are produced at Wolfsburg. The plant must be retooled for the all-electric MEB platform, even if these models are plug-in hybrids and have some high-voltage know-how.

Volkswagen is also preparing employee qualification measures. “With these significant decisions and investments, we want to further reinforce the plant's competitiveness and provide the workers a concrete long-term perspective,” said VW brand boss Thomas Schäfer.

Wolfsburg will "sustainably enhance" EV production with an all-electric SUV MEB model when the ID.3 ramps up. The ID.3 X, a new car, will look different from the ID.3. The MEB will likely determine driving system and charging parameters, but details are lacking.

Since Schäfer mentions an upcoming MEB+ platform, this may alter. The MEB is promising. The brand boss wants to elevate the platform. We're improving it heavily to do this. The MEB+ will position us well for the future.”

Is the new model an SUV? The ID.3 start-up is a key step toward electrifying our main facility. Schäfer says, "We are working closely with the works council to bring another electric model based on the MEB+ to Wolfsburg—a high-volume product in the burgeoning SUV market."

The new model can compliment our top-selling ID.4 and ID.5. Volkswagen's SUV perspective shows it expects energy prices to fall and networks to be strong enough for mass personal use of large electric vehicles.

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