Volkswagen is showcasing the ID.BUZZ flexibility at IAA Transportation 2022

The ID. Buzz Flex-Cab concept has five seats but a flattenable rear bench. This allows the van to be optimized for passengers or cargo, which is ideal for companies that need to transport both. A button folds the bench.

Volkswagen and CS/Wurth designed an Miele service van. The company commissioned it with technician-specific shelves. 

They have spare parts, tools, and a center console that folds out into a table for the driver. Miele's "paprika red" finish may soon be a familiar sight in Germany.

Buzz's box body version is most noticeable. Veth Automotive created the EV cube van. It increases the vehicle's carrying capacity from 3.9 to 6 square meters (65 square feet).

The ID. Buzz Cargo can carry up to 680 kg (1,499 lbs), and the side doors can swing, slide, or roll up. The van's interior is slip-resistant and durable.

The most exciting concept may be the refrigerated ID. Buzz Cargo. Wukaro's model has a 230V roof-mounted cooling unit, four 100 amp-hour lithium-ion batteries, and an inverter. It's a last-mile delivery vehicle for frozen and refrigerated items.

Its payload capacity of 390 kg (860 lbs) is perfect for online shoppers and restaurants. Volkswagen says it can be spec'd as an Italian ice-cream van.