Upcoming Lexus Concept Teases Revolutionary Electric Vehicle for 2026

Lexus is set to reveal a new concept car at the Japan Mobility Show 2023, offering a glimpse of their upcoming production electric vehicle (EV) expected in 2026.

While details are limited, the concept aligns with a previous Lexus-branded teaser from Toyota.

Lexus aims to deliver a thrilling driving experience in their future EVs, featuring innovations like the Direct4 four-wheel-drive system and steer-by-wire for precise steering.

Toyota recently unveiled advanced battery technology, likely to be shared with Lexus.

The Performance lithium-ion battery, arriving in 2026, promises 497 miles of range and rapid 10-80 percent charging in just 20 minutes, all while being 20 percent cheaper to produce.

A High-Performance lithium-ion battery in 2027-2028 offers over 612 miles of range and further cost savings, while Toyota's solid-state battery is anticipated in 2027-2028 with rapid charging and extended ranges.

Lexus's commitment to becoming an EV-only brand by 2035 is evident, with various electric concepts showcased, including sports cars, large SUVs, and sedan, hatchback, and cabriolet models.