Toyota could help BMW mass-produce hydrogen cars by 2025

BMW unveiled the iX5 Hydrogen at the 2021 Munich Motor Show. This year's production will be limited. Nikkei Asia reports that a mass-market hydrogen BMW could arrive soon.

BMW's sales chief said a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle could go on sale in 2025. Given the popularity of SUVs and the belief that hydrogen technology is "particularly relevant" to that body style, he suggested the first of these vehicles would be an SUV.

Hydrogen vehicles can refuel as quickly as gas-powered vehicles and don't lose range with temperature.

The report says the vehicle will be developed with Toyota, a company they already work with. “We have various projects we work on with Toyota,” Nota told Nikkei Asia.

BMW worked with Toyota to create the GR Supra, which shares many components with their Z4 roadster. They're likely enlisting their help again because of their experience developing hydrogen vehicles like the Mirai. The two have previously created a hydrogen vehicle together, a BMW 5-Series GT with a Toyota fuel cell stack.

Nota and BMW see hydrogen vehicles as a way to overcome electric vehicle challenges. Not all charging infrastructure is equal, and materials are scarce, he told Nikkei.

They don't put all their eggs in one basket. Nota believes in electric vehicles, hydrogen, and efficient combustion engines.