The Skoda Vision GT is an electric race car

The Skoda Vision GT is an electric race car

In recent years, Skoda has updated some of its classic models by releasing design sketches. Examples include the 200 RS, 110 Super Sport, and 1203 van. 

The 1100 OHC, a 1957 sports car made in only five examples (three spiders and two coupes), should be revived. 2022's model is based on the open-top but is electric.

Skoda describes the Vision GT as a single-seater designed exclusively for the track with a low-slung body and sharp design. It's red like its ancestor and has an on-screen windshield bar. 

The top and bottom of the carbon fiber steering wheel are flat. The head-up display projects info on the driver's helmet visor, too.

Since Skoda's concept isn't real, no technical specs exist. However, it has active aero tech and a "active cockpit with a flexibly suspended seat to optimally compensate for G-forces." The two-piece rear wing is inspired by Formula E cars, as is the overall design.

The Vision GT follows Skoda's February debut of a redesigned 1100 OHC Coupe. The Czech automaker took seven years to complete the aluminum-bodied sports car and used parts from the first of only two coupes it built. 

Cars sold to private owners crashed. Reborn to fill a gap in its heritage, the 1100 OHC Coupe. Digitally, the spider is ready for 2022 and beyond.

"Design and Transformation" runs until January 8, 2023 at the Design Museum in Brussels. The Vision GT is part of Skoda's "Icons Get a Makeover" series, alongside the Felicia and Popular Monte Carlo.