The 2025 Land Rover Discovery will be Family Car

Land Rover now offers three-row seating for the Defender and Range Rover, so some wonder if the Discovery still has a place. Thierry Bolloré, CEO of the Tata Motors-owned British brand, told Auto Express the Disco will stay, but the formula will be changed to separate it from its seven- and eight-seat cousins:

"Discover is being remade. We think there's room, but we need to be creative." The CEO admitted the Defender has cannibalized sales of the Discovery but said turning it into a "real family car for the most discerning families" will justify its place in the lineup. 

Bolloré says there should be a luxury family car, but he didn't specify what that means.

The next-generation Discovery will be pushed upmarket, which seems odd given the Range Rover's role. British publication says the two will ride on the same MLA platform as the latest Range Rover Sport. 

This would allow engineers to create ICE, plug-in hybrid, and EV versions of the Disco. A zero-emissions variant is due by the end of the decade.

While a new Discovery is coming, the Discovery Sport is in trouble. When asked if the smaller SUV will get a new generation, Bolloré said, "We don't know yet." Confusingly, the report says Land Rover could expand the Discovery lineup with a long-wheelbase derivative. Some overlap appears likely.

The next-gen Discovery will debut in 2025 and go on sale the following year. JLR scrapped plans for a low-riding Road Rover, which was more wagon than SUV.