Tesla's AI Day 2 will feature Optimus Robot

Elon Musk has prioritized Optimus and a smart summon update for Tesla's AI Day 2 on September 30. Both projects have an end-of-month deadline, says the tech billionaire.

Tesla's first AI day included the Optimus Tesla Bot. At the time, the company could only produce a dancing robot. Musk must bring more on September 30 to silence critics.

ASU professor Nancy Cooke told Reuters that Tesla must show the robot performing unscripted actions, not just simple tricks. "Walking or dancing robots are old hat. She said, "Not impressive."

Optimus was designed to do repetitive or dangerous work for humans. When something unexpected happens, robots struggle. Some robots can't adjust to changes, however slight. Musk knows the obstacles.

In 2018, he cited a production challenge caused by a robot that couldn't pick up "fluff" and place it on batteries. Fluff was unpredictable, so the robot struggled with it.

Critics say Musk and Tesla are working on an artificially intelligent humanoid robot despite the fact that Full Self-Driving isn't meeting its original goals. 

Musk predicted there would be 1 million Tesla robotaxis by 2019. It hasn't happened and isn't close. Tesla AI Day 2 will be held on September 30.