Tesla Semi Photo Gallery Reveals Design Changes

An upstart automaker introduced a fully electric semi in 2017 and launched it in 2019 in an alternate reality. It revolutionized trucking, cut CO2 emissions, and made its founder a hero.

The Tesla Semi is years behind schedule, and competitors have shown their own electric semis.

Elon Musk promises the Semi will ship later this year and have a 500-mile (805-km) range.

Fans have noticed Tesla has updated their Semi press gallery, which should be taken with a grain of salt, like his offer to buy Twitter without due diligence.

The model is instantly recognizable, but there are some changes. The Semi has huge mirrors and a redesigned greenhouse.

New door handles, black trim, and exposed rear wheels can be seen.

The interior has been updated and looks production-ready. New console, steering wheel with controls. The dashboard has a new tiered design.