Tesla Model 3 Long Range orders paused due to backlog

Tesla Model 3 Long Range sedan orders have been delayed. Due to a backlog of orders, the electric car company removed that configuration. This year's Model 3 options are rear-wheel drive or Performance.

Tesla's website now lists the Long Range Model 3 as "Available in 2023" Previously, the website said November 2022 to January 2023. Other models show October-December delivery windows.

Elon Musk says production, not demand, is Tesla's biggest challenge. On August 12, he explained why Model 3 Long Range orders were closed. "Long wait. Will enable as we ramp production," Musk tweeted.

Model Y Long Range, built on the same platform as Model 3 Long Range, is still available for delivery between January and April 2023.

Like the Model 3, the Performance variant's delivery window is September to October 2022.

Tesla seems unfazed by automakers trying to catch up to it. In the second quarter, it delivered more than a quarter-million Model 3 and Model Y cars.

Tesla expects to reach 2 million units per year by 2022. That's years ahead of many global automakers' goals. Now we'll see if it can achieve that goal and if the Model 3 Long Range's price changes in 2023.