Tesla Gigafactory Berlin is the region's largest employer

Giga's Berlin is the region's largest industrial employer. The facility has been growing and now employs 5,000 workers.

Tesla expects 12,000 workers at full capacity. Giga Berlin's 5,000 employees will get a 6% raise in August.

Giga Berlin produces 1,000 automobiles a week despite opening in March. Tesla's multibillion-dollar factory will produce 500,000 EVs per year.

Giga Berlin will grow as Tesla nears its goal. The facility may produce 3,000 automobiles a week later this year and 9,600 by the middle of the decade.

Giga Berlin currently only produces Model Y. Long-term, the Model 3 will be factory-made. Uncertain if Tesla will show the Model S or X at Giga Berlin.

Tesla hasn't released the upgraded S and X in Europe and no longer lists delivery times.

Last quarter, Tesla made 258,580 cars. In Q1, the company produced 305,407. In the first two quarters of 2022, Tesla built 563,987 EVs and is on schedule to deliver over 1 million cars. Giga Shanghai produced almost 70,000 automobiles last month.