Tesla discontinues key fobs for Model S and X

Tesla no longer provides key fobs with Model S and X. Tesla owners get a Key Card. 

You can buy a S or X key fob from the Tesla Store for $175.

Model 3 and Y lack key fobs, too. The Tesla Store sells fobs. Tesla initially marketed the Model 3 without key fobs to save money.  

The company later reversed course and produced Model 3 key fobs in 2019. Elon Musk, then-CEO of Tesla, said all owners require "a standard key."  

The S and X went sans key fobs on July 1. The upgraded Model S and X have been in North America for nearly a year.  

Tesla's European websites no longer list S and X delivery dates. Some predict that Tesla may not introduce either vehicle in Europe, prioritizing the Model 3 and Y instead.