Techart upgrades Porsche 911 GT3's carbon fiber

Porsche will soon unveil the 911 GT3 RS, but the 911 GT3 deserves Porsche fans' attention. 

Techart, a German tuning company that modifies Porsches, has a new carbon fiber aerodynamic package. Let's look at the new body kit before discussing other upgrades.

Techart's motorsport-inspired aero package includes a front spoiler lip and spoiler trims, wider front fenders, wheel arch extenders, side skirts, and a lower rear apron panel. Carbon fiber parts replace factory components without drilling.

Most notable is the carbon rear spoiler with Techart lettering. It has larger, driving-direction wing end plates. Techart says the wing's aggressive look doesn't affect the vehicle's aerodynamics.

Standard and Touring 911 GT3s get a new stainless steel exhaust system. A button on the pipe valve opens "a sound festival." The tuner says the new pipe finishers emphasize the 911 GT3's sportiness.

Techart's FIA-homologated interior parts improve 911 GT3 track safety. These include an FIA-compliant matt black or paint-ready roll bar. 

Black, red, green, or yellow six-point safety belts are available. Finally, new upholstery and a Techart sports steering wheel are added.