Switzerland Considers Blackout EV Driving Ban and Limits

Switzerland is preparing for the impact of the Russian invasion on its electricity supply as Europe anticipates a chilly winter and ongoing turmoil in Ukraine.

Der Spiegel claims that a planned blackout legislation may limit electric vehicle use. However, that is only one of the proposals if the nation's power supply shortage reaches its third level of severity.

“The private use of electric automobiles is only permitted for extremely necessary journeys (e.g. professional practice, shopping, doctor visits, religious events, court appointments)” Google translated the draft as "level 3" power shortfall.

Private families would be required to limit the water temperature in their washing machines to 40° C (104° F), ban leaf blowers, patio heaters, chairlift seat heaters, and other luxuries, and limit video streaming platforms to standard definition.

Draft measures exist. If a power deficit occurred, the ordinance would take effect when the measures were changed. It might make Switzerland the first country to limit electric vehicle driving.

Germany has banned gas and electric heating of private pools. Office buildings must only heat to 19° C (66° F).

The president of VW recently stated that Germany's high electricity prices make the continent less attractive for battery manufacturing and could lose some of its industrial attraction to North America, Asia, and North Africa.

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