Swiss startup Piech Automotive hires AMG, Aston Martin boss

Piech Automotive, a Swiss electric sports car startup, announced two senior hires today. Tobias Moers and Manfred Fitzgerald will serve as co-CEOs.

Tobias Moers was Aston Martin's CEO in 2020. He left Mercedes' AMG division, where he was CEO since 2013, to take the role, but was replaced by Ferrari's former CEO in May.

The 56-year-old executive will be co-CEO and CTO at Piech Automotive AG. Moers will be the company's head of development, the startup said in a press release.

Manfred Fitzgerald will also double up. He will be co-CEO, chairman of the executive board, and a key company manager.

Before this, the executive was Genesis' EVP and global head. Since 2016, he's helped build the brand into a premium automaker.

Together, the CEOs will turn Piech Automotive into a sports car maker. The company announced last October that it will release a two-door coupe with three electric motors that can generate 600 hp (447 kW/608 PS), weigh 3,968 lbs (1,800 kg), and have a range of 311 miles (500 km).

The company plans to sell the Piech GT in Europe, China, and the U.S. when it arrives in 2024.