Skoda Vision 7S previews 370-mile electric Kodiaq replacement

Skoda is working on a seven-seat SUV that could hit showrooms by 2026, and the Vision 7S concept hints at its design.

Skoda will launch three EVs in the next few years, including a three-row electric SUV. The Vision 7S will be Skoda's flagship and will compete with the Kodiaq, though they may overlap initially.

It will use the same MEB electric platform as the Enyaq EV and the Volkswagen ID.4 and Audi Q4 e-tron.

Skoda says the concept's 89 kWh battery gives it a range of more than 373 miles (600 km), but charging time is interesting.

Skoda says the 7S can charge at 200 kW, but Korean rivals can charge faster.

The Vision 7S also showcases Skoda's new "modern solid" design language and branding. The 7S substitutes silver lettering for the traditional black and silver Skoda badge.

The 7S's design is dominated by seven vertical slots in the front and rear bumpers, which make it look like Bane from The Dark Knight Rises.

Above the bumper slots are slim headlights that rise to meet ultra-slim horizontally-mounted DRLs.

The company's trademark front grille shape is carried over from current cars to make them easily identifiable, but contains a dark glass screen rather than grille bars.

Skoda says the new face, Tech Deck, gives the 7S strength. The Range Rover-inspired rear styling looks premium.

A roof-mounted camera that relays images of a rear-facing baby to the dashboard infotainment display may make it.

Skoda claims the center tunnel is the safest place for the baby seat.

Even non-parents may appreciate the dual-configuration interior's "relax" mode, given the slow charging rate.

Press a button on the console to rotate the 14.6-inch portrait touchscreen for watching movies.

The rectangular steering wheel and dashboard slide forward to create more space for front-seat occupants.

30 minutes at an EV charger won't seem so bad in this cabin.