Rivian removes  the R1T and R1S Explore package

Rivian has burned through a lot of cash while doubling production. In order to increase output, it's streamlining its build process by removing options. This includes replacing light wood with dark and eliminating the Explorer package.

The all-electric pickup and SUV maker has been streamlining its business model and laid off 6% of its workforce this year. These changes should speed up deliveries. RivianOwnersForum says the changes apply to both R1T and R1S.

End of Explorer package boosts base models by $5,000. Affected parties have 3 options. They can reconfigure their now-more-expensive Adventure package model, do nothing, or cancel their order.

If they choose the second option, do nothing, their vehicle will be considered "unconfigured," so they won't have a delivery date or have their order canceled until they move forward.

Cancellations are refunded in full. Rivian will save the customer's information and order date in case they return with a new order.

Those who have signed a binding agreement will get a full refund since it was for a vehicle Rivian no longer makes.

Rivian customers waiting for the light-colored Ocean Coast interior option should see their delivery window pushed up soon. Rivian is replacing its light wood grain trim with a darker, easier-to-source version.

A light-colored vegan leather instrument panel will be available in the future, the brand says. Tony Caravano of Rivian explains the changes below.