Rimac and Nvidia unveil Nevera 3D configurator

Rimac and Nvidia unveil Nevera 3D configurator

Nvidia and Rimac rethought the automobile configurator. The computer graphics studio and electric automaker presented a 3D configurator for Rimac's Nevera hypercar this week. 

It's powered by Nvidia's new Omniverse Cloud, a software suite that lets artists, developers, and corporations construct and deploy metaverse apps everywhere.

The configurator looks like others online at first. Paint, wheels, interior, options, and backdrop are in the bottom row. The configurator changes as you use it. You may pan around the car to see how the light affects the different surfaces and materials, illuminating certain aspects and hiding others.

Changing the background also affects the illumination, turning the skybox from sunny to overcast, much like in real life. The configurator renders the Nevera's interior, and lighting changes how materials and colors seem. Some renderings are photorealistic.

Mate Rimac, the company's founder and CEO, claimed the technology will allow designers to focus more on vehicles and less on 3D pipelines and processes.

The new 3D configurator allows Rimac to preview the car without pre-rendering each additional layer, saving time and money. 

Nvidia's Omniverse Cloud works with Autodesk Alias, Houdini, Adobe Substance 3D, and more. Designers can use Nvidia-powered computers or stream software.

The 3D configurator works with Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. Soon, mobile devices will be supported. It'll be interesting to see how Rimac employs the innovation and if other automakers follow. It's pretty.