Renault Unveils electric Trafic Van E-Tech 149-mile

More automakers are unveiling EV-only vans as the electrification trend spreads to LCVs. Renault's production-ready Trafic Van E-Tech Electric is the latest example.

Based on the 2020 Trafic's fourth-generation. The only difference is the E-Tech badge on the tailgate. It can be 5,080 mm (200 inches) or 5,480 mm (215.7 inches) long and 1,967 mm (77.4 inches) or 2,498 mm (98.3 inches) tall. 

Cargo volume ranges from 5.8-8.9 cubic meters (204.8-314.3 cubic feet), and a cab-floor variant is available for conversions.

The electric powertrain has a single motor producing 121 hp, which is more than the base diesel. Maximum load is 1,100 kg and towing capacity is 750 kg (2,425 pounds). 

The Trafic Van E-Tech Electric shares the Master E-52 Tech's kWh battery, allowing for 240 km of WLTP range (149 miles). The battery can be charged with a 7kW, 22kW, or 50kW DC fast charger.

The passenger-friendly EV version of the Trafic Van was previewed in 2021 with the Hippie Caviar Hotel camper concept. 

Renault unveiled the Hippie Caviar Motel concept this year, based on the long-wheelbase Kango E-Tech Electric.