Renault Espace Renderings Based On Spy Shots

Renault Espace Renderings Based On Spy Shots

Since the 1980s, Renault's Espace has been a large MPV or minivan. If reports are true, the next version's body will change.

In Spain, a driver spotted a larger Renault Austral while having lunch. The heavily-concealed prototype was larger to accommodate a third row. Kolesa imagines the next Espace without camouflage.

The renderings are the new Renault Austral with enlarged rear ends to match spy shots. It's like the 3008 and 5008, we think.

End of minivan and arrival of large SUV not confirmed. Reuters cited a Renault source to support the speculation a few years ago. This report says the Espace and Talisman are dying.

The Talisman was discontinued earlier this year to make way for SUVs, so the Espace may follow.

We expect the same setup if the Espace becomes a large SUV based on the Austral. The Austral has mild-hybrid and full-hybrid gasoline powertrains with up to 200 horsepower and six-speed manual or X-Tronic automatic transmissions.

The new Espace could debut at the Paris Motor Show with its production body. Otherwise, 2023 seems likely.

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