Porsche is celebrating the Cayenne's 20th birthday in 2022, and the latest look back features the one-off convertible. It would have been similar to the Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet.

Porsche  Cayenne Convertible

Porsche began considering different Cayenne body styles soon after the 2002 launch. Coupe, three-row vehicle, and convertible were all under consideration.

Porsche built the Package Function Model for the Cayenne convertible. Designers mocked up the rear end with different styling on each side. The prototype isn't drivable and lacks droptop-required body upgrades.

The soft-top extends from the A-pillars to the rear of the car. The sloping side windows make the car look sleeker. 7.87 inches (20 cm) longer than a regular Cayenne. Back, a boxy or smooth tail is proposed.

Manually removable soft top on this prototype. Porsche developed a power-folding roof mechanism. The company simulated how the rear panel could open and fit the top. The solution is similar to what Porsche uses for the 911 Targa since the 991 generation.

Two factors prevented Cayenne convertible production. First, Porsche's financial forecasts didn't look good. The company wasn't sure if the design was marketable.

"An SUV as a convertible is a challenge aesthetically and formally," Porsche design boss Michael Mauer said. "SUVs have big, heavy bodies. Combine this with a small top half and remove the roof to create strange shapes.

Porsche is updating the Cayenne and Coupe. The updates might come later this year. Don't expect a convertible to join the range, though.