Nissan stops selling automatic Nissan Z sports cars

Nissan stops selling automatic Nissan Z sports cars

Nissan delayed the Z's US launch due to supply chain issues, but it went on sale this summer. Now, the Japanese automaker has halted sales and deliveries of the 2023 Z with a nine-speed automatic transmission. Why? Rollover risk.

The sports car has the same torque converter automatic as the Frontier and Titan. Nissan is recalling some 2020-2022 models of the two pickup trucks due to a rollaway defect. The second recall, issued this month, included the Z sports car's gearbox.

"Nissan halted production of MY2023 Nissan Z automatic-transmission vehicles on August 29, 2022. Investigation ongoing "Nissan said online. This includes "a stop-sale for any AT model in any stage."

Nissan won't ship automatic-transmission vehicles from its Tochigi Plant in Japan until the issue is fixed. 

All stages of delivery are paused, and there's no exact date for resuming. No solution seems available, so the delivery pause could be longer than expected.

Nissan told the NHTSA that its nine-speed transmission may have loose tolerances. 

The parking pawl, which secures the vehicle in Park, could get caught on other transmission components, causing rollaway. The pawl can't fully engage and stop the car from rolling.

Nissan found the issue in 11 of 83 Jatco-equipped trucks during a plant audit last month. Unknown percentage of Nissan Z vehicles have problem.