Next year, BMW will use Android Automotive OS.

Next year, BMW will use Android Automotive OS.

BMW announced plans to embrace Android Automotive OS at Automobil-Elektronik Kongress.

Android Automotive OS will be introduced into "certain model series for the first time" as a second technical approach alongside BMW OS 8.

BMW didn't reveal images of their Android Automotive OS, but the business noted "various software platforms enable the infotainment system to be independently designed."

BMW's Senior Vice President of Connected Company and Development Technical Operations, Stephan Durach, said, "We're integrating the best of all worlds, whether that's in-house, Open Source, or commercial software.

"He said the corporation wants to give customers a "unique, personalised digital experience"

Google bills Android Automobile OS as open and adaptable software for automotive infotainment and head units.

The company said that openness "enables new efficiencies by delivering fundamental vehicle infotainment capabilities in a free and open source codebase," while customisation "enables implementers to distinguish the product as they see appropriate."

Using the same codebase as Android phones and tablets, the system will presumably incorporate Google Maps, Google Assistant, and third-party apps. While questions persist, the first BMWs with Android Automotive OS will come in March 2023.

BMW won't be the first automaker to use Android Automotive OS; GM, Polestar, and Volvo already use it.