Next-Gen Bentley Bentayga Designed with Batur Cues

Last month's Bentley Mulliner Batur is more than a limited-production Continental GT special. Bentley's most powerful model featured a new design language that will be used in its EVs. Theottle envisioned the future Bentayga SUV based on the Batur.

Photoshop can transform a big five-door SUV into a low-slung two-door grand tourer. The longer wheelbase of the Bentley Bentayga EWB Azure helped Theottle with proportions.

The premium SUV got the Batur's face. Single LED headlights replaced the dual circular system that was a trademark of both Bentayga versions. The updated grille and bumper intakes are welcome.

The profile is more sculpted than before, combining Batur's lines and cleaner surfacing (particularly on the front fenders) while including the Bentayga's bulged rear fenders. The Batur's chrome-accented windowline forms a slim C-pillar.

The new LED taillights have been customized to the Bentayga's shape and size, with a sculpted tailgate and a huge blacked-out portion on the rear bumper to light up the tail. Theottle maintained the dual exhaust pipes, indicating the future Bentayga will have a combustion engine.

The 2015 Bentayga was based on the 2012 EXP 9 F concept. A 2020 makeover served as the basis for the Bentayga EWB. If Bentley keeps its SUV's five-year cycle, the next generation might arrive in 2025.

Bentley's first EV based on the Artemis architecture won't be a crossover, leaving all options open for Bentayga's replacement. Bentley has said the W12 6.0-liter engine's days are gone, so it's possible it will be replaced by an electrified powertrain in the future Bentayga Speed, although lesser variants could also get electrification.