New Zenvo Hypercar Will Have V12, 1,800 HP

2018's Geneva Motor Show. The million-dollar TSR-S hypercar can reach 62 mph (100 km/h) in 2.8 seconds. Zenvo seeks to make news again next year.

Jens Sverdrup told Top Gear that a V12-powered Zenvo hypercar is in the works. Possible buyers have seen an exclusive glimpse of its design. 2023 is the debut year.

Sverdrup doesn't hide the hypercar's details. The unnamed automobile will have a new carbon fiber chassis, gearbox, V12 engine, and electric motor, he said. All of these components will be made in-house.

Unlike the supercharged Zenvo TSR-S, the future hypercar will have two electric turbochargers (895 kilowatts). The goal is 1,800 horsepower (1,342 kW) from an electric motor.

Sverdrup mentioned two variants. One is a hybrid GT with all-wheel drive. This is still debatable.

The second version is believed to be track-focused (though road-legal), including aero components for better downforce. The publisher recommends 2,756 pounds (1,250 kg).

The price is also unknown, although considering the $1.2-million Zenvo TS1 GT, we don't expect much less.