New Tesla Charging Adapter Can Access To Third Party Stations In US, price $250

Tesla recently added a product that promises to expand driver charging options. $250 buys a CCS Combo 1 Adapter.

The adapter will allow Tesla vehicles to charge at ChargePoint, Volta, and Electrify America stations. The accessory was first introduced in Korea a year ago and has been improved since then.

The South Korean adapter was limited to 100+ kW peak charging, but the U.S. adapter can charge at 250 kW.

The automaker warns that maximum charge rates may not reach 250kW because "most third-party stations can't do it." Regardless of how quickly it charges, drivers may be grateful for the adapter if the only nearby charging station is a third-party station.

Not all Tesla models are compatible with this adapter. For now, only Model 3 and Y and Model S and X can use it.

“The CCS Combo 1 Adapter is compatible with most newer Tesla vehicles, but some may require a retrofit,” the automaker says. "Check your vehicle's software version before logging into your Tesla Account to ensure compatibility."

Inside EVs reports that owners can check if their vehicle is compatible with the adapter in the Controls, Software, and Additional Vehicle Information menus. If it says "Enabled," you can use it; if it says "Not Installed," you can't. Owners can check on the Tesla website CCS Combo 1 Adapter page.

The adapter may soon work with older Teslas. The company is working on a retrofit and suggests owners check the website in 2023.