Mini unveils Pokemon-inspired Concept Aceman for 2022

Mini is the main sponsor of gamescon 2022 from August 24 to 28 in Cologne, Germany. There, it will show off a special electric concept car.

The Mini Concept Aceman will be displayed through a partnership with Pokémon. In "Experience Mode," Pikachu takes over the central infotainment display.

The Mini Concept Aceman's advanced projection technology will allow the animated character to interact with the dashboard and door cards.

One loop shows a Poke Ball opening with a blue glow that fills the car. Pikachu's lightning attack travels through the vehicle in another animation.

An Action Pack for the full-size car makes it look like it comes in action figure packaging and features Poke Balls (among other Pokémon-themed designs) on the wheels.

Mini's design team also created a Pikachu-themed collectible art toy.

Mini will also promote an open and diverse society with the "PLAY ON!" campaign. The brand will also sponsor show seating and a smartphone charging bank in a snack-and-water-stocked area. MINI Arena will also have a DJ.

"MINI's positive, future-oriented approach to individual mobility and distinctive design are hallmarks. Gamification will play an important role in the future MINI and offer customers a unique experience", said MINI Head Stefanie Wurst.

"Pokémon's shared joy brings two iconic characters and millions of fans together. This is how gamescom 2022, an event for modern fandom, gaming, and pop culture, reaches a new target group"