MINI Crossover  Concept New Design Language

MINI Hints at Crossover Concept While Declaring New Design Language

new Charismatic Simplicity design language, Mini enters a new design era

Next month, an all-electric crossover concept will debut featuring this language as a preview

All future Mini models will be built on architectures developed for electric powertrains, and Mini's new design philosophy will reduce the number of components while emphasizing fundamental design aspects

"reach an emotional, immediately perceptible identity"

"its own individual charm that is undeniably founded on the brand's foundation, reinterpreting it confidently and in its own way."

The employment of modern LED technology in the taillights of Mini models will be a cornerstone of the new design language, presenting the Union Jack design with a distinct light signature for each model

The next generation Mini concept eliminates the majority of chrome components

Sustainability is key to the Charismatic Simplicity design language of Mini

Oliver Heilmer, head of Mini Design, explained, "The future of MINI design is dependent on the daring and desire to shape change and stamp a distinctive and unique profile on the brand."

will demonstrate "how technical advancements and a progressive interpretation of individual mobility are propelling the brand's design language into the far future."

A prototype for the next-generation Cooper S EV was sighted in China without any camouflage late last year, so we have a fair sense of what to expect from Mini's new design language.