McLaren is reportedly changing course, and an electric crossover is expected to arrive by 2030

McLaren authorities have previously dismissed the concept of producing a crossover vehicle, but a fresh report says that they have changed their thoughts and may soon join rivals such as Aston Martin, Lamborghini, Lotus, and Ferrari.

the crossover is already beginning, and the business plans to launch it in the second half of this decade

nothing is known about the model, although the publication claims it will be totally electric and "never be offered with a combustion engine."

the crossover will be released in a single configuration before other variants are added to the roster

as the model is just said to have all-wheel drive and a dual- or tri-motor drivetrain. There's also no information on the battery pack or range, but if the model is in the works, it's logical to think the company will employ a lightweight battery with cutting-edge technology.

Pricing is also unknown, however the newspaper speculates that the crossover will be expensive, possibly costing around £350,000  ($423,221 / €407,022

While McLaren had previously been adamantly opposed to a crossover, it appears that the change of heart is owing to the resignation of longtime CEO Mike Flewitt

This is logical given that the Urus is the fastest-selling Lamborghini in history, and Porsche recently stated that the Cayenne "quickly exceeded sales estimates," selling 1 million units in less than 18 years.