Mazda Australia CX-60 Testing  up to six months

The Mazda CX-60 has arrived in Australia ahead of its launch. The Japanese automaker sent two pre-production prototypes Down Under for on-road tests lasting up to six months.

Key vehicle data will be measured in low-load and high-low scenarios and include powertrain stress-testing, tow capability, quality assurance, real-world driving range, and other performance criteria. The vehicles will cover more than 30,000 km during testing.

Mazda says Australia's roads and climate make it a key market for vehicle testing worldwide.

“We are fully invested in ensuring our ground-breaking SUV meets the needs of our Australian customers,” Mazda Australia managing director Vinesh Bhindi said. 

"Our engineering team pushes the cars to their limits, and these rigorous evaluations are a key part of our commitment to customer experience and brand improvement."

In addition to undergoing comprehensive testing, the two CX-60s will be used to "reinforce and progress" Mazda's training schedule across its 140 dealerships in Australia.

“These cars are some of the first to come off the production line, but despite their early build schedule, the quality of fit and finish is already indicative of the Mazda CX-60's premium offering,” said Mazda Australia director of marketing Alastair Doak. 

This rigorous and informative testing program is the ideal way for our market to contribute to the future success of this landmark model.

Mazda Australia will release CX-60 specs and pricing at a later date.