Mansory Greens BMW X7

Mansory, a tuning company, has released renderings of a modified version of the BMW X7. The renderings appear to be based on the pre-facelift version of the X7, but Mansory claims that the project is for the facelifted version, also known as the X7 LCI.

The modifications to the X7 in the renderings include a modified front bumper with larger openings and a smaller kidney grille, as well as extended wheel arches and 24-inch wheels.

The rear of the X7 has also been modified with a new bumper extension, a body-colored lower diffuser, and new trim surrounding the windscreen.

It's unclear whether these modifications can be applied to both the older and facelifted versions of the X7, or if they are only intended for the facelifted version.

Mansory has also mentioned the possibility of customizing the interior of the X7 upon request, but there is no mention of any mechanical modifications.