Last week, Tesla Giga Berlin made 2,000 Model Y

Last week, Tesla Giga Berlin made 2,000 Model Y

Tesla employees at Giga Berlin celebrated after producing 2,000 Model Ys for the first time in their history.

It's a milestone for the team and the company. It means supply chain issues are resolved and no longer slow production. 

Giga Berlin becomes a well-oiled machine. Increased production means shorter delivery times, which boosts Tesla's stock price.

The company tweeted its latest accomplishment. Tesla announced it manufactured 1,000 Model Ys at Giga Berlin in June. That's a lot of work and an impressive result in just over 3 months.

The company aims to produce 5,000 vehicles per week by the end of the year. The ramp up now depends on suppliers. Giga Berlin seems capable of delivering if it can manage a steady stream of components.

On March 14, Giga Berlin began making customer cars. In 7 months, the factory produced 100,000 cars annually. The factory will produce 250,000 Teslas a year by the end of the year. Giga Berlin can meet European Model Y demand and reduce delivery times.

This follows Giga Texas' announcement that 10,000 Model Ys have been produced. Giga Shanghai and recent production results show that Tesla is on track to meet its production goals. All it needs is a predictable supply chain.

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