Koenigsegg's New Gearbox Both a gated manual and 9-speed auto work

The new Koenigsegg CC850 is the next breakthrough supercar from Sweden. The CC850's new transmission may have a similar impact on row-your-own gearboxes as the CC8 did on Koenigsegg. Jason Fenske's recent video explains.

The new CC850 is a tribute and evolution of the CC8, which launched Koenigsegg. The model is great, but its gearbox is weird because it's both manual and automatic. In'manual' mode, it's as'real' as any other three-pedal gearbox, contrary to rumors and more subtle.

Koenigsegg's Lightspeed transmission includes three primary shafts and a clutch pack for each gear, instead of a typical manual's two shafts and one clutch. The clutch packs on one shaft open when the driver depresses the clutch until a gear is picked.

The driver's action of shifting into a gear controls the clutches on the engaged gear shaft. This action connects the engine's direct driving shaft to the first gear shaft. It also instructs the computer which second gear clutch pack to engage when the driver releases the pedal.

Like a normal manual transmission, releasing the clutch engages the second gear shaft clutch pack. If you don't give the CC850 enough gas, the engine will stall.

Direct physical input and position-sensitive action control forward travel, not an on/off switch or semi-automated procedure, making this a real manual.

Fenske talks into detail on the CC850's gear ratios and modes. Future automobiles could utilize a similar technique to keep manual transmissions around, based on what we've seen.