Koenigsegg CC850's Part-Manual, Part-Auto Transmission Blows Minds

The Koenigsegg CC850 may feature the most interesting transmission ever installed to a production car, proving that despite being a small firm, its engineering is among the best in the industry.

The CC850 celebrates 20 years since Koenigsegg's original CC8S. It has a similar appearance and shape to the original but a new Jesko-based powerplant.

JWW spoke with Christian von Koenigsegg before Monterey Car Week. Halfway through the video, the gearbox conversation gets intriguing.

The CC850's transmission is the same nine-speed Lightspeed as the Jesko's. This transmission can be used as a six-speed manual with a clutch pedal and gated shifter or a nine-speed automatic.

Koenigsegg may modify the gear ratios based on the driving mode.

Christian von Koenigsegg explains in the video that the car's manual mode works like a stick shift. Mr JWW wasn't able to drive the car, but he was able to move forward in it to find the clutch's biting point and note that it feels like a standard manual.

When you don't want to shift, move the shifter to the right and engage drive mode.

If the transmission proves popular, more Koenigsegg cars may adopt it in the future.