Kia is reusing EV batteries as building energy storage

Kia has partnered with Deutsche Bahn to turn old EV batteries into static storage systems. Its first project was unveiled in Berlin.

Encore, a Deutsche Barn-backed firm developed to repurpose used electro-mobility batteries, utilised numerous batteries from Kia Soul EVs to create a second-life storage system capable of proving 72 kWh of power to Berlin’s EUREF-Campus, a hub for professionals working in the energy conservation area.

The batteries were collected from Kia dealers and transported to Deutsche Bahn’s dismantling partner, which stripped them to a modular level for diagnostic testing, before reassembling them as a static storage unit.

The EUREF-Campus system consists of 24 battery modules arranged over three racks, each model made up of 14 double cells.

Static storage units will become more common as homes and businesses seek to store solar, wind, and wave energy that isn't always needed at the time it's generated.

And second-life storage systems are also a convenient answer to the question of what to do with the huge number of EV batteries the world is going to have to dispose of in the coming years.

EV batteries may degrade, reducing their range to 50 miles (82 km), yet they can still be used in a household or industrial application.

“With our success in the electrification of Kia models, we also take responsibility for the batteries beyond their lifetime in the car,” Jason Jeong, President at Kia Europe said of the scheme. "Kia and Encore DB's pioneering relationship shows we value batteries for a sustainable circular economy."