Joint Venture For Commercial Vehicle Charging Europe now Milence

Commercial Vehicle Charging Europe, the joint venture created by Daimler Truck, the Traton Group, and the Volvo Group to build a high-performance charging network for heavy trucks and coaches in Europe, has launched under the brand name Milence.

Commercial Vehicle Charging Europe (CV Charging Europe) was the working name of the joint venture. Milence is now the joint venture's moniker on public venues and social media.

Milence plans to expand charging infrastructure across Germany, the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Norway, and Sweden with its initial capital of half a billion euros. Milence's electric truck charging network should grow quickly with 500 million euros.

To enable zero-emission heavy-duty transport throughout Europe, Milence intends to rapidly expand truck charging infrastructure. Electric trucks having a range of more than 400 kilometres must be able to fully charge during the professional driver's 45-minute break.

Milence CEO Anja van Niersen says, “There's no time to waste, and we must start ahead of the market with the launch of at least 1,700 charging points in the next five years.”

The 1,700 charging outlets will be split between CCS and MCS megawatt charging. Heavy-duty vehicle batteries may be charged in 90 minutes with CCS charging stations. A 40-tonne truck's battery may be charged in 30-45 minutes with the MCS, within the authorized break period.

Even while Daimler Truck and the Volvo Group are working on fuel cell trucks and intend to construct them together at Cellcentric, they also see a potential for battery trucks on long-haul routes.

Milence says it would provide professional drivers with safe and secure recharge stations. Sanitation, food, amusement, and strong security are also part of this vehicle charging joint venture.

“With favourable EU rules, cheaper prices of ownership, improved truck driver working conditions, and the rollout of a Europe-wide megawatt charging network, we expect battery-electric trucking to revolutionise the road transport industry in the next years,” says van Niersen.

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