Irmscher 200 Fiat 500 Cabrios upgrades visually

Irmscher is known for tuning Opel-badged cars, but the German business has recently tuned Fiats, notably the all-electric 500 and Ulysse/Scudo vans. Now, the tuner produces 200 Fiat 500C "Sail by Irmscher" cars.

First Fiat 500C was built at Irmscher for Autohaus König Group in Remshalden. Two-tone 17-inch Turbo Star wheels are the most noticeable alteration.

The aftermarket wheels' beige details complement the grille stickers and Irmscher lettering. They match the 500C's fabric roof, which contrasts with dark blue and dark rear windows. All 200 Fiat 500C "Sail by Irmscher" cars will have this configuration.

The sailing references recall the factory-spec Riva and Yachting 500s, and some upgraded models will feature a "wood-style" dashboard.

Interior adjustments include a center armrest, new floor mats, and new headrests upholstered in exquisite leather with "Sail Edition" lettering embossed. 

The model is based on the flagship DolceVita trim, which is well-equipped. The 2020 mild-hybrid 1.0-liter FireFly three-cylinder engine is Europe's only option.

The engine produces 69 horsepower (51 kW / 70 PS) and 92 Nm (68 lb-ft), which isn't much for an urban vehicle.

The soft-top 500C has been around for ages. 2009 model with 2016 makeover and 2020 mild-hybrid powertrain. Fiat still offers the old 500C as a cheaper ICE-powered option, with special variants to attract consumers.