GMC Hummer EV vs. Mercedes-AMG G63, Dodge Durango Hellcat

What would happen if the Hummer EV faced two of the most powerful combustion-powered SUVs? Now it's up against the Mercedes AMG G63 and the Dodge Durango Hellcat, and one of them just watches.

These three vehicles were provided by the YouTube channel ThrottleHouse. It's rare to see any of them on the road, but even rarer to see all three at once.

One of the hosts notes the Hummer's 90% charge. As he points out, that's more realistic than prepping the car at the track. The Hummer has 1,000 hp, the Durango 710, and the Mercedes 577. (430 kW). The Hummer weighs just under the moon.

Hummer's weight hurts it against its rivals. The AMG G63 and GMC take off first, but the Hellcat overtakes them within 60 feet (18m). Here, the Hummer's extra power and the AMG's low power shine.

The Hummer EV hits 106 mph (170 km/h) just as it catches the Durango. The Dodge can go faster, so it keeps winning.

In a roll race, the Hummer slowly pulls away from both ICE vehicles and just crosses the line before the top speed limiter kicks in. The Hellcat is close when the flag falls.

The G63 is a witness to how fast SUVs and trucks have become. We'd love to see the first time someone hacks the Hummer EV to go faster than 106 mph because we're curious where it runs out of power.