Future BMW EVs won't go 621 miles

Future BMW EVs won't go 621 miles

BMW recently announced a new battery design for the Neue Klasse platform. The Bavarian company will start using round cells in the middle of this decade. BMW claims this will increase range. The automaker aims for 621 miles (1,000 km) between charges.

BMW estimates that new batteries planned for 2025 will increase range by 30%. 

In the brand's flagship electric vehicles, this means the range between charges will be around 621 miles (1,000 km), and a company executive has confirmed BMW has no plans to go beyond that number.

Gen6 batteries will give us 30% more range than Gen5, but we won't go over 1,000 km [620 miles]. Thomas Albrecht, the automaker's head of Efficient Dynamics, told Autocar a long range is unnecessary.

Increased charging will boost performance. BMW estimates that the Gen6 batteries will charge 30 percent faster than the current generation. 

“Laws will extend battery life. The US requires 80% battery performance after 10 years. Albrecht: "We're doing better."

BMW will use smaller batteries with a 1.81-inch (46-millimeter) diameter and two heights for the Neue Klasse platform. 

Cell chemistry will be changed to include more nickel on the cathode side and less cobalt. Gen6 batteries will have 20% more energy density. 10-20% weight loss is expected.