'Full Self-Driving' isn't worth $15,000 to many Tesla owners

Tesla's semi-autonomous Full Self-Driving software cost $15,000 on September 5. This price has angered many because Tesla's software is unfinished. According to a new report, FSD isn't worth that much money.

CNN Business reports that 11 of 13 Tesla owners say the new price isn't worth it. The group agreed that technology has improved over time, but some said FSD can be "unpredictable."

Wisam Al-Rawi bought his Tesla when FSD cost $2,500. He removed the feature from his Tesla, citing its flaws. Al-Rawi told CNN Business he wouldn't pay $10,000. "They overpromised"

Elon Musk has promised self-driving Teslas for years. Logan Rossignol said, "There's nothing useful in FSD for this price... Paying for a promise. What you think that's worth is up to you."

At least two CNN Business interviewees are optimistic about the technology because of this promise. Sunny Gulati feels "inherent joy" when driving with FSD. Don Burke hopes FSD will improve his life. Muscular dystrophy will soon take his legs.

Burke loves mobility. "I want a wheelchair-accessible vehicle I can own." His $15,000 would be well-spent.

Any group of consumers, including those who bought the product, will have some who think it's overpriced. 13 people out of thousands isn't scientific. Tesla's pricing practices are being scrutinized, though.