Ford dealers aren't required to sell electric vehicles

Ford dealers aren't required to sell electric vehicles

Ford dealers won a conference this week. Dealerships that don't want to invest in EVs won't have to if they're happy selling ICE vehicles.

Ford plans to update dealerships for EV sales. Rural dealers and others who don't expect to sell many EVs can opt out of selling them, Automotive News reports.

It could save $700,000 on renovations. There are two options for EV dealers. Model e Certified dealers must invest $500,000 in their locations, mostly for a fast charger.

They'll be limited to selling 25 EVs per year and won't be allowed to carry inventory or demo vehicles. Dealers must spend more to sell more EVs and stock their lots.

Elite Model e dealerships must install two fast charging stations, one of which is public. By 2026, they must install a third fast charger, which will cost $1.2 million.

Those who don't want to spend money can keep selling ICE vehicles. Dealers must decide how much to invest by October 31. 2027 will be another chance to update.

Unlike Buick and Cadillac, Chevrolet will not force its dealers to sell EVs. Unlike GM, Ford continues to invest in internal combustion engines as well as EVs.

Ford's National Dealer Council chairman Tim Hovik told reporters in Las Vegas, "It's a trade-off with everyone else." If you build more of one, you build less of another. To my knowledge, we're the only company that can grow both ICE and BEVs.

The company recently unveiled the 2024 Mustang with a V8 engine and manual transmission as this decision was made.