First Drive, Gordon Murray's new T.50 on roads

Although the Gordon Murray Automotive T.50 is unlikely to be driven much, it must be comfortable on the streets. Dario Franchitti borrowed a prototype to test it on Italy's public roads.

Good results. Franchitti, a member of the American Motorsports Hall of Fame, borrowed the car for a quick drive in Nardo, Italy, near the famous circular test track where closed-door tests were being conducted.

Franchitti: "We're in the south of Italy, and I'm wondering if Gordon Murray would let me drive it back to the base. It would be an epic road trip."

We're close to the end of the development cycle, but we're not fully happy with it yet. I think that shows how good this car will be."

Franchitti is part of the GMA T.50 development team and has previously gushed about the car after driving a test mule.

He said, "It's the best engine I've driven." "Even in its simplest form, it's best. So. We giggled. "I'm speechless."

This video shows the 3.9-liter Cosworth V12 revving incredibly fast. The engine is rated at 650 hp (659 PS/485 kW) but can reach 672 hp (681 PS/501 kW)

GMA will build 100 T.50s and 25 T.50S Niki Laudas. If this test proves anything, it's that buyers of these sold-out models should be excited.