Faraday Future: Misinformation Campaign Causes Death Threats

According to the automaker, "certain directors are conspiring to pursue an unnecessary bankruptcy for personal gain." Faraday Future says an independent law firm found the allegations "without merit."

Despite this, the company says "threats that began with lawsuits have escalated to physical violence and death threats." That's unacceptable, so the company says it's referring the threats to state and local police, the FBI, the SEC, the DOJ, and international authorities.

Faraday Future said they'll cooperate with law enforcement to investigate and prosecute threat-makers. The company said such behavior is "inappropriate, uninformed, and unacceptable" and will be "brought to justice."

Faraday Future says death threats and rumors have slowed production of the FF 91. As the automaker explained, the misinformation campaign has hampered their capital-raising efforts.

Faraday Future didn't comment on the rumors, but 'whistleblowers' say directors Sue Swenson, Brian Krolicki, Scott Vogel, and Jordan Vogel are "plotting to force the company into bankruptcy". 

Bloomberg reported that investors say Faraday Future officials "drove the company into the ground" and want to "push the company into unnecessary bankruptcy."

While the board and investor drama has been ongoing, the consequences are growing. The FF 91's EPA-certified range is 381 miles (613 km), and deliveries will begin before the end of the year.