Electric Mini Cooper SE convertible hints at future

Electric Mini Cooper SE convertible hints at future

The new Cooper SE Convertible demonstrates Mini's electrified future. It's unique, and also a working proof of concept.

The Cooper SE Convertible combines the SE hardtop's electric motor and a convertible top. This provides the EV 181 horsepower and 199 pound-feet of torque.

The SE droptop hits 62 mph in 7.7 seconds. The SE hardtop takes 7.3 seconds.

Mini SE Convertible WLTP range is 143 miles (230 km). The US-spec SE Hardtop has an EPA-estimated 114-mile range.

Because of evaluation variations, the WLTP-rated range is higher than the EPA's.

The Cooper SE Convertible has 160 liters of luggage space, like the Cooper S Convertible. Four can fit inside.

The power roof opens in 18 seconds. This happens at 19 mph (30 kilometers per hour). Open, closed, or sunroof are driver options.

"Mini Takes the States" will launch the Cooper SE Convertible. The drive is between Burlington and Greenville-Spartanburg.

Mini is developing an electric Cooper. The new model will be completely different from the old one.

Wheelbase will be longer, but overall length will be lower. 200 horsepower is possible (147 kW).

Mini's EV lineup will feature a crossover. It'll restore the Paceman name but have five doors, not three.