EcoDiesel Jeeps and Rams' radios may glitch while reversing, blocking camera feed

Stellantis North America is recalling 7,895 EcoDiesel vehicles for a non-engine-related issue. Certain radios on those vehicles may malfunction badly enough to violate federal requirements.

2,737 Jeep Wranglers built between August 30, 2019, and November 20, 2020, 182 Jeep Gladiators made between June 10 and November 20, 2020, and 4,976 Ram 1500s affected.

All have a radio software bug that causes resets. The glitch may block the backup camera's feed.

These vehicles do not meet MVSS 571.111 S6.2.1 and S6.2.2, which requires all vehicles to display a rearview image at the start of backing events "independent of any alterations to the driver's field of view."

The National Traffic Safety Administration objects because the regulation was established to protect drivers and pedestrians during vehicle backups.

If your car's radio resets when you go into reverse, you may have this issue. According to NHTSA documentation, this problem impacts all recalled vehicles, so if yours was constructed during that time, expect to hear from Stellantis.

Vehicles made after November 20, 2020, have radios with a software upgrade and are not affected. This update will be free for recalled vehicles. Stellantis will contact owners Oct. 14.