Drako Dragon Electric SUV Promises To Make 2000 HP, Go 200 MPH

Drako, makers of the super-low-production GTE electric car, promises a new model by year's end. The company's first SUV, the all-new Dragon, has great promises.

The five-passenger car is claimed to be super-luxurious and have 2,000 hp (1,491 kW), 0-60 in 1.9 seconds, and a top speed above 200 mph (322 km/h).

2,000 horsepower comes from a quad-motor system (one motor per wheel) and a Drako-built battery module.

These pieces give the Dragon its 0-60 and 9.0-second quarter-mile times.

Drako wants to build this gull-winged SUV a "world-beating luxury car." Drako says the cabin is wrapped in Europe's best leather, exudes luxury and comfort, and has an easy ingress/egress arrangement.

This is a bold take on an electric SUV. We'd love to see this on the market since it could destroy the competition. Rarely do we see a company keep its outlandish claims.

The GTE is a fantastic vehicle, but it's a low-volume model. Bringing the Dragon to production, especially with those characteristics, seems like a huge order for a small company.