DeLorean Reveals Three 'What If' Concept Cars

DeLorean's Alpha5, a fully electric grand tourer with gullwing doors, will debut at the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance in August.

The revived carmaker has released three fictional concept automobiles that go back in time.

DeLorean, which went bankrupt in 1982, is showing us how they wish their past looked with three concept cars, including an ICE-powered coupe from 1996, an electric four-door grand tourer from 2006, and a hydrogen-powered SUV from 2013, all leading to the Alpha5 of 2022.

The proposals are a follow-up to the 1980s DMC-24, which never progressed.

All three concepts appear like they were designed today or a few years ago, which is intriguing. DeLorean described each model's innovations.

Starting with the 1996 DeLorean Alpha2, it has a Corvette-style greenhouse, two-piece gullwing doors, and an aerodynamic steel-composite body.

The new design language would be a departure from the DMC-12. The business didn't provide details, but stated the Alpha2 would have a combustion engine.

2006's Alpha3 continues DeLorean's mythical heritage. This is the automaker's electric premium vehicle.

Massive wheels accentuate the body's aerodynamic design and sporting proportions. LED DRLs, rear gullwing doors, and body-colored side windows would be included.

DeLorean designed their first SUV in the 2010s. The 2013 DeLorean Alpha4 has a hydrogen FCEV powerplant and an SUV bodystyle.

The model has improved ground clearance, split LED headlights, a Fisker Ocean-inspired windowline, and a beautiful tail with a huge roof-spoiler and full-width LED taillights.

DeLorean sketched a "extreme pickup" for Alpha4. Expect a hydrogen powertrain.

Height-adjustable suspension (street mode / offroad mode), slanted windscreen, removable Cybertruck-style rear bed cover, split LED headlamps, and rear gullwing doors are highlights.

Sketches and digital renderings showed all three concept automobiles. After the Alpha5, DeLorean plans to offer more bodystyles. Future DeLorean products may resemble the fictitious concept automobiles.